About Us

Welcome to Cafe Fasolia!

We absolutely love coffee. The existence of coffee has been such a miracle to coffee lovers like all of us. It is a simple beverage that provides so much value.

Aside from the boost of energy and alertness, a simple aromatic cup of coffee never fails to provide pleasure and comfort. 

A simple traditional cup of coffee from the local coffeeshops, especially in Asia, is quite affordable. However, if you wish to have a premium cup of Arabica specialty coffee, it's quite hard to find and there could be a hefty price to pay.

Therefore, our mission at Cafe Fasolia is to provide you with high quality specialty coffee beans that you can brew at home at your own convenience.

We offer a wide variety of Arabica coffee beans from several different origins and all of them are flavour-packed with their own unique flavour notes.

We wish to provide you with a full, wholesome, and unique experience in brewing your own cup of specialty coffee every morning.

We hope that you can find some fulfillment and gratification as you transform our premium aromatic beans into a delicious and flavourful cup of beverage.

Enjoy your coffee experience with Cafe Fasolia!