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Cafe Fasolia

Cold Brew Specialty Coffee Bundle

Cold Brew Specialty Coffee Bundle

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7 bottles of your favourite single origin specialty coffee!

Each bottle is freshly cold brewed right before delivery. Each sip hits strong, yet finishes light and smooth on the palate.

This is by-far the easiest option to always have fresh specialty coffee waiting for you every single morning!

Feel free to add ice or your favourite milk and have fun with the luxurious experience.


Deliveries will only be made every Monday evening.

Orders made on Mondays will be delivered the following week.


Mix - 2x Kenya, 2x Brazil, 2x India, 1x Nicaragua

Kenya Gichathaini Peaberry - Berries, citrus and chocolatey notes with a sweet finish.

Brazil Regiao Mineiro - Nutty and chocolatey with notes of molasses.

Nicaragua Los Altiplanos - Aromatic flavours of grapes, blackcurrant and lemon.

India Monsoon Malabar AA - Heavy, smoky and earthy notes.


Get your ready-to-drink cold brew specialty coffee today!


For customized orders, feel free to drop us an email and we'll help you out!

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