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India Monsoon Malabar AA - Single Origin

India Monsoon Malabar AA - Single Origin

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Flavour Notes: Heavy, smoky and earthy notes.

Roast: Filter roast

Body: Heavy


India's Monsoon Malabar AA coffee beans have a distinct taste due to their unique processing method.

These beans are exposed to monsoon winds during the rainy season, causing them to swell and lose acidity. This results in a full-bodied flavour with a unique earthy and smoky character.

Monsoon Malabar AA coffee beans are usually roasted to a medium-dark or dark roast, revealing their bold and complex flavours.. They have a heavy texture and a smooth finish.

Monsoon Malabar AA coffee is a rare and prized variety among coffee enthusiasts.


For customized orders, feel free to drop us an email and we'll help you out!


Additional information:

Approximately 15g / cup.

225g - 15 cups

450g - 30 cups

1kg - 66 cups


For larger sizes, your beans will be packed into multiple 225g bags to maintain its freshness.

Open the coffee bags whenever you are ready to make your first cup of aromatic deliciousness.

Keep the opened coffee bags sealed at all times to reduce oxidation.

Unopened packs of ground coffee can last anywhere from 3 to 5 months.

If you plan to store the beans for a long time, feel free to freeze them! Frozen whole beans can last for extended durations too.

However, opened packs of ground coffee may only maintain its freshness up to a month.

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